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The Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise and  PON gifts on this page will be widely varied.  PON gifts will consist of things you can buy for yourself or the page may include Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise that will make nice gifts for others.  As more Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise and PON gifts are created we will also be adding some further pages for your shopping pleasure.  All profits made from the Polish Lowland Sheepdog  merchandise or PON gifts on PONtique Boutique will go to benefit the goals of  the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association to be used for fulfilling its objective of providing both educational and health information about the breed while protecting its integrity.  New Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise  suggestions as well as idea for PON gifts are also welcome.
PON in Motion Magnet

Put one on your car, your refrigerator, your office file cabinet.  This magnet is 7" long x 4.5 inches high.  These are the dimensions of the magnet...the red background is not part of the magnet.

Item # G-M-0007                                                             Now $8.50
K9--Design Copyright

PON Car Decal


When removed from the paper backing , this PON can be applied to any clean, dry surface, but is truly striking on the back window of a vehicle.  Almost square, the
 5" x 5" vinyl decal lets your car stand out at a dog show or any parking lot.  No grooming is required for this shaggy PON, but its pink tongue reminds us of what makes the breed so lovable.

Item # G-D-0001                                                     Now        $6.00

Anney Doucette, K9 Designs

PON Magnet


A Polish Lowland Sheepdog  with a smile, guarantees to make you smile!  Perfect for the car or the refrigerator!
Magnet is just over 5" x 5"

Item # G-M-0002                                                                   Now  $8.50

Anney Doucette, K9 Designs

PON Magnet--U.S. flag


Red, white and blue...the American flag proudly waves behind the PON.  The flag is iridescent, shiny, and metallic...giving it a sparkle to match the Polish Lowland Sheepdog smile. Perfect for the car, motor home, or displayed in your office.
Magnet is 9" x 6"

Item # G-M-0003                                                                   Now $14.75

Anney Doucette, K9 Designs

PON Magnet--Polish Flag


Polish and proud!  Add a PON with smile and you will get a thumbs up for sure!  Flag has an iridescent, metallic shine that lets the PON stand our really well.  Great for the car!
Magnet is 9" x 6"

Item # G-M-0004                                                        Sold OUT

PON Lanyard


Going for a walk in the park with your PON?  This handy lanyard answers the often asked question, "What kind of dog is that?" Travelling on business? The clear plastic pocket which comes with the lanyard is convenient for holding your room key.  Travelling with your PON to a trial? Slip your key into the plastic pocket and free your hands for the leash when  walking your PON at a hotel. Doing a Meet the Breed?  APLSA members can put several business cards into the pocket for use at a busy show site or dog club meeting.  This handy, convenient and fun lanyard has the heritage colors of the breed and displays a PON in its very characteristic fluid gait movement.( Image shows lanyard holding hotel room key.)

Item # G-L-0005                                                        Now $5.75


Did someone say party?  Your birthday, your PON's birthday, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, Easter, Picnics, or just because you feel like it...great reasons to have a party!  But, what would a party be without balloons?  These balloons are not "just balloons".  The say "Let the fun begin"

Approximately 11" when filled with air or helium.  Latex.  Orange, Green, and purple.

Item # G-B-0006            Now  $6.65 per dozen(colors will be