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The two most important tools you will need to purchase are the correct brush and the correct comb.  Because the PON is a grooming intensive breed the proper tools will help make your job easier.

GR-B-0001 $ 20.95
GR-B-0002 $20.95
GR-B-0003 $20.95
GR-B-0004 $20.95
GR-B-0005 $17.95
GR-B-0006 $20.95


Grooming a Polish Lowland Sheepdog can be very relaxing and pleasurable when you use the right tools on a regular basis.    A Polish Lowland Sheepdog should be totally brushed out using line brushing at least 1-2 times per week to keep the coat in top shape and to keep it from matting.  A bath is recommended for the Polish Lowland Sheepdog every 4-6 weeks minimum.

Not sure which Brush to get? If you have a young pup or an older PON we recommend getting a purple brush with soft cushion that is the most gentle  on tender skin.


If your PON has started to get some matts, get the medium soft cushion (Baby Blue, Orange)  or standard soft (Black with Black cushion) . The difference from medium standard is very slight; can't tell unless you are really looking for it.


If you have a pup with full length coat/hair; a regular and a small brush is recommended.  You can go with one with a firmer backing and one softer.  For example, if you have an.adult PON in show coat,  and he/she has a heavy coat, you might want to get a regular size in the Black with Red backing which is the firmest  and one that has a softer backing and is gentler on the skin such as the Baby Blue brush for the body.


If you want a smaller size brush. there is only the medium soft in Pink.



This is just a guide for your pup.  There is no wrong brush but is more of a personal preference.

Which brush for the adult PON? The Purple has the soft cushion. This brush will not brush out all the tangles, so a comb over is a must.  It just glides through stubborn tangles; that's how soft the cushion is. This brush is recommended for puppies or adults who do not like too stiff a brush on their skin.


Black with Black Cushion  has the standard soft cushion.  Baby Blue, Orange, Pink have the medium soft cushion.  This brush is somewhat firm .  It will brush out stubborn tangles and go through thick hair.  This brush will work on the average PON coat.


Black with Red Cushion  has the FIRM cushion.  This cushion is significantly firmer than all the above. Good for dense, double coated breeds who get intense matts. Ideal for PONS that have really thick coats.

All brushes with the exception of the pink have a head which measures  2.5 inches across and a height of 4.5 inches.  The total length of the brush is  9 inches.  The total length of the smaller brush is approximately 8 inches.

Combs are made of aluminum , seven inches long and  have a NON-SLIPPERY  handle.  The tongs are 195 mmm and the longer pins are 29mm.  They come in two colors.



Madan Pink     #GR-C-002       $10.95

Madan Green  # GR-C-001      $10.95

1.  Remove as much hair from the cushions of the brush by using
      the wide side of the comb.
2.  Fill the sink with warm water(enough to cover the padding of the
3.  Add a tiny drop of baby shampoo or any mild pet shampoo.
4.  Immerse the brush in the water for a minute or two.
5.  If any debris is left on the cushion, remove with a toothbrush
     (soft preferred) or q-tips,
6.  Rinse with cool water.
7.  Take out as much water from the cushion by pushing in on the
8.  The 2 holes on the cushion will allow the water to flow out.
9.  Leave pin side down on a towel and air dry or blow dry in a
     cool setting.


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