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Michael Park  is a woodcarver extraordinaire.   He has been  able to create many quality pieces of Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise, some hand-carved from wood, and others cast from resin from a wooden mold. The PONtique Boutique has arranged with Michael Park  to make Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise  at a great price available to you while at the same time helping us to raise money for our health and education programs.Whether purchasing Michael Park merchandise for yourself or as  Polish Lowland Sheepdog gifts, your item  will long be appreciated.  Normal delivery time is two to three weeks.


This very special  item placed near a front entry, on the patio, in the traditional rooftop location, or any other place within your home, this copper and wood carved, fully functional weather vane makes an elegant statement. 

The solid wood PON, carved from basswood, is approximately 32" long and 18" tall; it has been painted and sealed for protection from the weather.  It stands about 10"  from the direction-pointing portion; the N/S/E/W  arms are 18" long , the letters are 3" high.  Copper spacer balls and a rod complete the weather vane.

A proportionally smaller 22" version is also available.

Hardwood for mounting on the roof or indoors is not included.  A cast iron stand (see photo at bottom of page) can be purchased for displaying your weather vane on the ground or in your garden.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Item #HD-MP-0001
A      22" size                     $475.00
Item  #HD-MP-0001B      32" size             $605.00
Item  #HD-MP-0001C    cast iron stand    $  32.50
                                      ( which is optional)

Bird Feeder
Every PON needs a job!  This one guards the bird feeder and is ready to chase the squirrels away.

Made of western cedar,  the bird feeder is 11 1/2 " x 7" x 10" and can be mounted on a tree, the side of a building, etc.  The hand- painted PON of cast resin is also 11 1/2 " long and is mounted securely to the top of the feeder.  Bird seed is not included.

Item # HD-MP-0002                                       $109.95                                                                      

Bird House


In Poland, it is considered an honor and good luck to have a stork build its nest on your rooftop.  In the tradition of Polish hospitality, this resin-cast PON  on this house is inviting birds to nest inside instead.

Made of western red cedar, measuring 11 1/2" x 7" x 10" , the house can be mounted on a tree, outside wall, fence post or other places; hardware is not included.  The hand-painted PON is also 11 1/2" and is mounted on the peak of the bird house.


Item # 

 HD-MP-000                                            $109.9                                   

Door Topper


This cute resin-cast PON head and paws, at just 6 1/2" high, can sit atop picture frames, mantles, open shelves, or anywhere you need the adorable face to keep an eye on things or bring a smile to anyone who sees it.


Item # HD-MP-0004                     $34.95

Garden Stake


Although only 11 1/2" long, this PON looks so life-like in its fluid gait pose, that you might do a double-take.


Cast in resin for outdoor use.  Hand painted.   A 1/4"  x 16" aluminum rod is included  Place in a flower bed, edge of garden, or other landscaped area.


Pair with the Welcome Stake for Yard  for more fun.



Item # HD-MP-0005                                            $37.95

Head Study


This hand-painted resin-cast PON head is approximately 8".  Great on a bookshelf, or on the desk as a paper weight.


Item # HD-MP-0006                $33.95

Mantle Clock


It seems that all PONS are born with little clocks inside of them!  They "know" just when it's time for you to feed them, play with them, walk them, etc.  This thoughtful PON holds a clock for you to see the time...hint, hint.


The PON is approximately 9" tall.  Please specify if you would like a wood or resin PON.  The clock is set in a stone wall; it has quartz movement and uses one "N" size battery.


Resin Cast PON 
Item # HD-MP-0007A                                        $73.95
Wood Carved PON
 Item # HD-MP-0007B                                       $199.95

Wall Clock


This resin-cast PON in gait gives new meaning to the saying "Time does not stand still."


Made of solid oak (dark is shown) measuring 12 3/4"  x 3/4" with gold

plated numerals and arms, the clock has quartz movement  and uses one AA battery(not included). The PON is approximately 11 1/2" long.  Please specify light oak or dark oak.



Light Oak

Item # HD-MP-0008A                                   $87.95       

Dark Oak

Item # HD-MP-0008B                                   $87.95

Welcome Sign

PON paws hang over the front of this wooden, hand-routed Welcome Sign and are ready to shake your hand when you come in.

PON is the Shelf/Door  Topper.  The 4" x 15" sign can hold up to three heads; please specifiy the additonal breed(s) for which an additional $30.95  charge per head applies.**

Item  # HD-MP-0009 A                                   $49.95
Item  #HD-MP-0009B                                      $51.95

**Each additional head beyond one and  up to three, add $30.95  for each additional head.

Welcome Stake for Yard

This friendly PON welcomes everyone coming into your yard, including the mailman.

Made of solid oak, the sign measures  4 1/2" X15"  and comes with two aluminum 1/4" x 16" rods.The PON is 11 1/2" long, hand-painted, made of resin for outdoor use.

Item # HD-MP-0010                                              $59.95
Dog in Gait Welcome Sign

This PON is welcoming, indeed!  Mounted on solid  oak measuring 4 1/2" x 15", the PON is 11 1/2" long.  Hand painted.  Made in the U.S.A.

Item # HD-MP-0011                        $54.95
Dog in Gait Topper

Sitting on a book shelf,mantle, coffee table, office desk...this
11 1/2"  long PON is eye-catching.

Hand painted, cast from a wood-carved image, comes with hardware for mounting.

Item # HD-MP-0012                               $34.95
 Book Ends

We all know  that a PON is smart and even seems to sometimes read our mind.  Help the PON in your house find a good book to read, satisfy its intellect , or learn new ways to entertain you with this pair of delightful and impish looking Book Ends.  What a great way to keep your dog training and breed boods together and show your PON that you are smart, too!

The PONS are 9 1/2" tall and are mounted on walnut skid-proof pads.

One Book End
Item #  HD-MP-0013A                                   $50.95             
 Two Book Ends
Item # HD-MP-0013B                                    $92.95

Leash Holder

A Door Topper PON sits on the 5" x  7" walnut plaque, as if asking,
"can we go for a walk, please, please."

Item # HD-MP-0014                                 $46.95
Dog House Leash Holder

Leashes, keys, hats, or other things could hang on the pegs of this dog house, all under the watchful PON eyes.

The hand-stained house measures 13 3/4" x 10 1/2"  x 3/4".  The handpainted Door Topper PON is 6 1/2 ". Please specify Natural Oak or Maple for wood finish.

Item # HD-MP-0015A                         $51.95
Natural Oak
Item # HD-MP-0015B                          $53.95
Hang Up

Pawprints across this 4" x 15" wood add fun to whatever you choose to hang on this piece. A PON Door Topper peers over the top to add some whimsy.

Item # HD-MP-0016A                             $49.95
Item # HD-MP-0016B                              $52.95
Bone Hang Up

A PON Door Topper rests its paws on this bone-shaped Hang Up with three pegs for leashes, keys, etc.

The "bone" is 4" X10"  and comes in either Maple or Natural Oak
(as shown).

Item # HD-MP-0017A                             $46.95
Natural Oak
Item # HD-MP-0017B                              $50.95

I Live Here Too

Not that we forget...this Door Topper PON wants to let all visitors
know who lives with us.

This 4" x 15" wooden sign comes in either Maple or Natural Oak finish, and can hold up to three heads (one is included) Handmade in the U.S.A.  Please look at the ordering numbers carefully.

1 PON       Item # HD-MP-0018-A1         $49.95
 2 PONS     Item # HD-MP-0018-A2         $80.95
 3 PONS     Item # HD-MP-0018-A3         $111.95

                              Natural Oak
1 PON        Item # HD-MP-0018-B1          $52.95
 2 PONS      Item # HD-MP-0018-B2          $83.95
 3 PONS      Item # HD-MP-0018-B3          $114.95
Additional  Polish Lowland Sheepdog merchandise and/or Polish Lowland Sheepdog gifts may be forthcoming from this provider, so check back from time to time.  Should you have suggestions for another item let us know. We all know that we love our PONS and Polish Lowland Sheepdog gifts are always considered a treasure.
No total  picture is yet available.  It would be the PON in Gait making up a fantastic piece of artwork on your rooftop or in your garden.  All hand-carved in wood.